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My style of headshot has changed over time. Of course, the most important element – the actor – has always been the focal point, but when I started my business, I was shooting outdoors under natural light, and now I shoot in the studio using strobes almost all of the time. If you need a referral for a location (outdoor) photographer, please reach out so I can assist you.

In the PWN on-camera entertainment industry, an actor will typically need at least two headshot “looks” – One theatrical look (for film/tv casting); One commercial look (for… well, yeah, commercial casting). In very general terms, your commercial shot is more upbeat, positive, and often features a smile with teeth. A theatrical headshot is usually more dramatic and serious. But, of course, there are exceptions and embellishments on these “rules.”

If you are pursuing on-camera work in the PNW (WA, OR, ID), I would love to talk to you about your next headshot – it’s the most important marketing tool for an actor. I love helping people look great, feel amazing, connect with the camera, and GET SPECIFIC about their casting (how you want to be seen!) when in front of my lens. Please scroll down and review the images as you plan for your next photoshoot.

I hope to see you soon,

I Love Color

It makes the image pop and is great for commercial/comedy headshots.


Layers work well, and what you wear communicates story.

Value & More

My prices are competitive, and I am committed to customer satisfaction.