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Thank you for looking me up. My name is David, and I love working with actors. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the bio below, head to my FAQ page for the essentials about my services.

While you are here, be sure to watch the video on this page, and head to Policies & Practices for a bit of “fine print.”

I photograph actors of all ages, working primarily in the studio, and sometimes on-location. I started my headshot business in 2018, but have been taking photos for over 10 years, getting really serious about things in 2016. I love taking pictures of people, landscapes, birds… My Cairn Terrier, Bruno… But my passion is photographing actors.

I have been working as an actor since 2000, so my first headshot was black & white, printed on glossy photo paper, and completely unflattering. In today’s world, actor headshots are in color, audition scheduling happens online, and your image needs to represent you – comfortable and connected.

A headshot is the most important marketing tool for the actor, and to get called into the room, casting directors are often looking at your thumbnail image, so having a professional headshot that attracts attention is absolutely essential.

My goal is to deliver high quality, industry standard images, that showcase each actor in their most radiant and honest essence. I understand the actor, and with your help, we can create images that reveal who you truly are. For a larger sample of my work, please head to my Gallery.

Currently, I am photographing actors in my Georgetown studio in Seattle, WA.

~ David

David Scott Hogan