David Scott Hogan Photography


I started my photography business in 2018, but have been taking photos for over 10 years, getting really serious about things in 2016. I love taking pictures of people, landscapes, birds… My Cairn Terrier, Bruno… But my primary passion is photographing actors.

I have been working as an actor since 2000, so my first headshot was black & white, printed on glossy photo paper, and completely unflattering. In today’s world, actor headshots are in color, audition scheduling happens online, and the image needs to pop!

A headshot is the most important marketing tool for the actor, and to get called into the room, casting directors are often looking at your thumbnail image, so having a professional headshot that immediately attracts attention is absolutely essential.

My goal is to deliver high quality, industry standard images, that showcase each actor in their most radiant and honest essence. I understand the actor, and with your help, we can create images that reveal who you truly are. For a larger sample of my work, please head to my Gallery.

Currently, I am photographing actors in my Georgetown studio, and on-location, in natural light, in the Seattle area.

To learn more, please visit the FAQ page.

~ David

David S. Hogan
photo by Bettina Niedermann