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I specialize in actors. If you are on-camera talent, and actor for stage, or a standup, I am here for you. Let's get creative.


I love working with youth and teen actors, and am more than happy to help parents help their kids succeed.


If you need a new LinkedIn profile picture or a stellar image for a company website, I can do that, too.


My vision.

My name is David Scott Hogan,  and I own and operate Seattle Actor Photos. In addition to photography work, I am an actor, filmmaker, and acting coach. I am a co-founder of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, and am deeply connected with the Seattle entertainment industry, including the talent agents and casting directors. What I love most about my work is helping people feel comfortable in front of my camera, and connecting with each subject so they can express themselves fully and with confidence during the photoshoot.


With strong and specific images, you can market yourself and your talent effectively.


Being a seasoned actor, I specialize in connecting and communicating. Once I know what you are looking for, I will make sure that idea shows up in your photos.

Studio Work

I work almost exclusively out of my Seattle studio, where we have free parking and comfortable air conditioning.

All Ages

I work with actors of all ages and experience levels. If you are the parent of a child/teen actor, let's all work together.

Our services

We create quality.

My camera is the Canon R6. I use a variety of lenses – Zooms to Primes. I shoot with Profoto strobes, and use a variety of backdrops. None of this information is very useful to you, but if you want to learn more about my packages, click the button below.

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Studio Photography

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Use the button below to schedule headshots.

It usually takes about 2 weeks to get on my schedule. Please complete the short form, linked below, and I will follow up with you within 48 hours. If you prefer, please give me a call. I would love to chat about your headshot and marketing goals.

Outside of headshot work, I also shoot events and BTS.


We're trusted by clients.