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David Scott Hogan

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people are my passion

From actor, to teacher, to photographer.

Before I was taking headshots for actors, I was an actor getting headshots taken of me. I started my artistic journey in 1998 when I joined the Seattle University Choirs, then landed my first acting gig ever, singing Mack the Knife in The Threepenny Opera. When I graduated in 2000, I spent about 10 years doing local theater, and in 2012, Angela DiMarco and I founded Mighty Tripod Acting Studio.

Fast forward a bit to about 2018 where I started taking headshots, casually, for friends and actors. For the first year of my business, I worked outdoors under natural light. I had some success, and quickly realized how much I loved everything about taking headshots – From the connection and collaboration with the actor, to finding the perfect framing and lighting to suit each mood, and onto the magical (and subtle) world of editing and retouching.

I love my work, and I think you’ll love the way you look when we work together.

David Scott Hogan


The entertainment industry moves fast, and so do I. Typically proofs get delivered within three days.


One of my gifts is helping people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.


I have been in business since 2018, and am recommended by local agents.


Headshot sessions should be fun and easy. I will help you prep and keep it exciting and creative.

FRAMING tHE subject

From the close crop to the full body shot

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