“How much does it cost?

What should I wear?
If you are represented by a talent agent, please check with them about what they need from you, and what they suggest as far as wardrobe and styling.

I suggest choosing clothes that you love to wear. Stuff that fits you well, brings out your eyes, flatters your skin, and suggests character type. If you are feeling a bit stuck on the character type note, bring some selections that are solid colors, but, and also a few bolder choices (patterns, leather jackets, fun glasses, etc.).

In the Seattle market, at the minimum, an actor will need a Theatrical (serious/dramatic) and a Commercial (smiling) headshot. Darker colors are usually more appropriate for Theatrical photos, and colors are nice for commercial. Of course, in The Industry, “Theatrical” means Film/TV, so you might need a dramatic and comedic shot, depending on your range/essence, and what you will be auditioning for.

Don’t be afraid to show your style when selecting your wardrobe, and remember, dress towards type when possible. Questions to ask yourself and help you prep: What have I been cast as recently? What did the wardrobe department have me wear? What types of characters do I tend to get called in for? What styling works well for these characters? What kinds of characters do I want to be called in for? These are all things you should be asking yourself as you choose (or shop for) your headshot session wardrobe.

Layers often work well, so don’t hesitate to bring stylish jackets (denim, leather, etc.); V-Neck sweaters or a cardigan over button-up shirts with a tie can work well for some folks. If you wear glasses regularly, bring them so we can photograph that look. If you are more of a character actor, or are notoriously expressive, make sure you bring wardrobe that supports that idea. If you are often going in for executive types or lawyers, make sure you bring some professional (blazer, suit jacket, vest, tie, etc.) wear. No logos on clothing, no costumes, and no jewelry. And please steam/iron/lint roll before you arrive.

You might need a full-length (head to toe) or 3/4 shot. I find that teens, youth, and occasionally adults need this look, so if this is you, make sure you are styled from your toes up!

Reminder, if applicable, talk to your agent and get their input before we shoot!

Should I hire a Makeup Artist?
I have referrals if you need them, or you can bring your own artist. Typically, you will need at least an hour for application, and working at my studio is welcome. Payments and arrangements with MUAs are made independent of your work with me. Please confirm that your MUA is available for the date we’re scheduling.

Here are are few MUAs I work with:
Julia Whitley – CONTACT
Hannah Krutsinger – CONTACT
Amelia Zaborac – CONTACT
Jessica Rockwell – CONTACT
Bek Harvey – CONTACT

Do you shoot on-location in natural light, or in the studio with strobes?

When will I get my photos?
Usually, your first (PROOFS) gallery will be delivered within 3 days. If you need a rush put on your order, please let me know. I am happy to get your files delivered faster for a modest fee.

Do I get to download all my session proofs?
NO. You won’t need them all.
All the images shot will be available for you to review. I promise that you don’t need them all, but you might want 5 or so images per look – and those “favorites” you may certainly download and keep. They won’t be retouched, but they are yours.

How many images get retouched?
It depends on the package you purchase, and you can always buy retouching a la carte. For more info about prices, please click here.

Do you do headshots for stage (theatre) and on-camera actors?

Do you do business/corporate headshots?

Do you work with kids?

“I have two kids. Is there a discount if we book both kids for the same session.”
Let’s discuss. Call me.

***If you have a talent agent, make sure you have discussed your headshot plan with them, as they will probably have some advice and input.***

Check out our page on PREPARATION for more information, and never hesitate to call if you need more information.

A non-refundable deposit may be required to secure your appointment.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours before your arranged time. Please text or call me if you are running late. If you are more than 10 minutes late and I don’t hear from you, or you cancel on the day of our appointment, I will not reschedule you for a future session.