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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions after reviewing this page, please reach out.


Head to our Prices page for current pricing.

You will be invoiced immediately after our session via, which processes credit cards, bank cards, and Apple Pay. Your proofs will not be delivered until you pay your invoice.

There are discounts for return customers and for current students and clients of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio.

I also occasionally offer “Headshot Happy Hour” prices, which are usually quick sessions for 1-look headshot photos. Keep in touch with me on IG, as that is where I tend to advertise these offers.

Yes. I offer more than a few packages, and that information can be found on this website’s Prices page.

Studio v. Natural Light

Yes, the majority of my session work takes place in the studio, under strobe lighting.


Use the Contact form to reach out.

Refunds & Cancellations

Hopefully, you have reviewed my Gallery and are familiar with my aesthetic, as that will give you an idea of what my work tends to look like. I am a studio photographer, but I shoot against a variety of backdrops which creates different moods and styles.

When clients come to a session with me with a clear idea of what they want from their headshot session, they are always thrilled with the end product. And, as we shoot, you can always look at what we are capturing so you know exactly what we’re creating together.

If you are not satisfied with your headshots once you are reviewing your proofs, I will reschedule with you and give you a 50% discount on the reshoot.

Same day cancellations are very inconvenient for me, and if you cancel within 6 hours of our scheduled photoshoot, I will not reschedule with you (unless you are in an emergency).

If you need to cancel on the day of our shoot or if you are running late, call or text me so I know what to expect.

Makeup & Styling


Many clients choose to do their own makeup, and things turn out well. However, if you tend to wear makeup whenever you audition (we always wear makeup on screen or stage), but you don’t think you can pull off a natural and flattering look for headshots, then you should consider hiring a makeup artist for your session.

I would say 50% of my female identifying clients hire MUA, while about 10% of my male clients hire MUA.

At the bottom of this page you will find referrals for makeup artists, and you can always work with someone you know.

Makeup is typically applied in my studio lobby and takes about an hour to apply.

Some MUA will not style hair, so please have those discussions with the MUA of your choosing.

All payments to MUA are made independent of your work with Seattle Actor Photos.

This is so important. Read carefully, and plan wisely.

I suggest choosing clothes that you love to wear, which fit you well, with colors that bring out your eyes and flatter your skin. Thinking about Character can help when planning your looks, but if you are feeling a bit stuck on the type idea, bring some selections that are solid colors, and also a few bolder choices (patterns, leather jackets, fun glasses, accessories, etc.).

In the Seattle on-camera entertainment market, at the minimum, an actor will need a Theatrical (serious/dramatic) and a Commercial (smiling) headshot. Darker colors are usually more appropriate for Theatrical photos, and colors are nice for commercial. Of course, in The Biz, “Theatrical” means Film/TV, so you might need a dramatic and comedic shot, depending on your range/essence, and what you will be auditioning for.

You might need a full-length (head-to-toe) or 3/4 shot, so make sure you are styled from your feet up for one of your looks!

Reminder, if applicable, talk to your agent and get their input before we shoot.

More styling ideas will be sent to you once we schedule, and please steam/iron/lint roll before you arrive.



A few ideas: Have a plan. Test your looks. Take photos of yourself in your wardrobe, paying close attention to how things appear from mid-chest up. Talk to your friends and industry peers. Ask them, “How would you cast me?” or “What do you think my type is?” Once you schedule with me, I will send you a lot more information to inspire creative wardrobe ideas.

Get plenty of rest a week before our shoot, and make sure you are hydrating. Your skin will thank you for it.

Arrive on time. 5 minutes early is best. Make sure you know how to get to my location, and make sure you park in the lot that’s right in front of our main entrance.

Breathe. Relax. You are in good hands. It’s going to be great.

Absolutely. Tell them you plan to shoot with Seattle Actor Photos. Ask them if they have any specific things for you (or me) to think about when creating your next set of headshots.



Unedited images can be fun to share, and are often useful for actors for marketing purposes.

Yes, most of the time. If you need print-resolution files, that’s no problem at all. Just ask. Very few auditions happen in-person nowadays, but it’s better to have something than to need it, so I typically send print files, especially for stage actors.

I take pride in my efficiency, and headshot proofs are usually delivered within three days. After that, the process tends to take a week, but a lot depends on how quickly clients make their final selections.


These makeup artists listed below have been in my studio often, and are very familiar with makeup application for actor headshots. If you are considering hiring MUA for your headshot session with me, please take a moment to review their websites, and contact them with questions you might have. Having great hair and makeup for your headshot is very important, and if you need an extra hand, these artists can really help you stand out – in the best way.

Amelia Zaborac

Hannah Krutsinger


Aleesandra Jones 



If you are having any issues connecting with MUA, or you need another referral, please let me know. You can also bring your own MUA and get prepared in my lobby, if desired.